Foreign Language

For 8/7 students we offer a one year Pre-Latin course to prepare students for taking Latin. This course delves into Greek as well as Latin roots. The reason we only offer it one year is that 8th graders can choose to take Latin for Latin I high school credit. We offer two years of Latin, which is required for Heritage students, though there are some exceptions to that policy. Each exception is unique, so you will need to talk with Mr. Meents about your particular situation.


Spanish is an elective which we do not currently offer. We used to employ two excellent teachers and would like to bring Spanish instruction back to into the Heritage fold. One of our former teachers called recently to see if we might be able to re-introduce Spanish. We would really like to, so if anyone can demonstrate enough interest at either campus, we will bring it back if at all possible.

The high school Latin classes are also open to students who are not taking the core classes at Heritage (you can apply here). The yearly tuition for any of the language classes is $585 for students not enrolled in the core Heritage classes. If your student is a full-time Heritage student, language classes are included. If we are able to re-introduce Spanish the same policy would apply. That is, students not enrolled in the core Heritage classes could take Spanish at Heritage.

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