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Better Ideas, Better Future

Are you worried about the direction the country is headed? Not sure what you can do? We can help.

Join us for Liberty Week, a four-night event. With the holidays over and the bleak mid-winter ahead,

mid-February is a great time to learn how you can make a difference. But four nights? Yes. Liberty is

precious, but it is not always convenient. Don't let ours slip away!

On the first two nights we will delve into the ideas held by our Founders; ideas that made our country

the freest, most prosperous nation all the nations of the world throughout all of history. On nights

three and four, we will address how you can talk with those who disagree with you, including practical

help with how you can get involved. On all four nights, you will have opportunities to develop new

friendships. We have been isolated for too long.

US Congressman Jody Hice, representing Georgia’s 10th congressional district, will join us on

Friday with a keynote address, followed by an onstage interview.


  Congressman Jody Hice  

What to Expect

Registration for LIBERTY WEEK

Registration Price

$100 per person for first 50 registrants
$125 for all others

So that you may come directly from work, catered dinners will be provided, including a special Valentine’s Day dinner on opening night. Registration fee includes four catered dinners, a T-shirt, and a Valentine rose for the women.


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Thanks for registering. We will get in touch with you via email.

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