Parents are responsible for obtaining books for their student(s). A list of required books will be supplied to you upon acceptance. It is important that each student has his or her own copy of each book on the list even if you have two students in the same class.

In order to save money, you are welcome to buy used copies of the books, but the ISBN must match the one on the book list.

Parental Participation

Parents are expected to attend class from time to time. This will be established as a rotation so that no one is required to attend too frequently.


Why do we institute this policy?

We live in a very litigious society. Since we want Heritage to be around for a long time to come, we want to protect Heritage from frivolous, unwarranted lawsuits. This has not been a problem to date for Heritage, but similar programs have had some problems. As homeschool parents, you have made many sacrifices and invested a great deal in your child’s education. We do not want for you to lose Heritage because of an unwarranted lawsuit. By always having a parent present, there will be two adult witnesses to anything that takes place in class.


An added benefit to this policy is that you, as the parent, will see classes from time to time.  This will give you a better idea of what goes on in class, and help you to better support your student.


Upon Acceptance, you will receive…

  • a contract for you to sign and return to us in hard copy format.

  • a handbook with more information regarding our Offsite Credit Transfer program and general information about HCSC.

  • a list of books and supplies for the school year (including book ISBN and edition).