Math, Science, Fine Arts, and P.E.


For the last few years we have not offered math and science courses through Heritage. This year, that changed at our Watkinsville campus.  We've partnered with a local group of math and science teachers to offer courses as an option for our students.  Athens Area Math and Science has come under our wing as a branch of Heritage Classical Study Center. Many of you in the Athens area are probably well aware of this program, as it has been operating in the area for several years.  It is not necessary to take the core humanities courses at Heritage in order to take math and science classes with Athens Area Math and Science, but Heritage students who take courses with this program will not be required to jump through the Offsite Credit Transfer (OCT) hoops that they have had to jump through in the past. This means, among other things, no staying after classes on Tuesdays for OCT testing.  Of course, students who do not enroll with Athens Area Math and Science may still get those courses on their high school transcripts by following Heritage OCT and Georgia Accrediting policies about transferring in such courses. See below for more info about 2020-2021 classes.


We are excited to announce a similar partnership with Decatur Area Science and Math.  Please contact Noelle Bandy to get details about what classes will be offered next year.

  • Mrs. Bandy's math classes are available for both Heritage students and her own students coming from other places.

  • Science courses for 2021-2022 are not finalized.  If you are interested in science courses, let Mrs. Bandy know. (See below for her contact info.)

Fine Arts, CTAE and PE/Fitness


Fine arts and PE credit (required in Georgia) may also be added to the Heritage transcript when the guidelines set forth by our accrediting agency are followed. Initial and final paperwork as well proof of participation are required. Proctored testing is NOT required for fine arts and fitness credit as it is for academic subjects.

Decatur Area Science and Math


We are excited to offer math and science classes (pending) under the Heritage Classical umbrella for the next school year.  These classes will be easily incorporated into your Heritage transcript without the additional hoop-jumping required for OCT.  The teachers are experienced with teaching in the home-school community and some hold advanced degrees in their fields.

  • Math classes will be taught by Noelle Bandy (MS mathematics) using the Derek Owens Curriculum, including video access for review and days when missing classes can’t be helped.  Students will be held accountable to turn in work on time, so there will not be a rush to finish before Christmas or summer can begin!  Courses will be available according to the demand for the year, but can range from PreAlgebra through AP Calculus.  Consumer/Finance math is also available if there are enough interested students.

  • Science classes :  Schedule is still in the works  for 2021-2022







                                                   This is a sample schedule (2019-2020)


Please contact Noelle with your interest level and which courses you would like to see offered.  We will be happy to discuss your concerns or answer your questions!


Noelle Bandy                                    Science:  Pending


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Athens Area Math and Science


Athens Area Math and Science was created several years ago in order to assist homeschooling families provide quality math and science instruction to their children. Our teachers strive to teach math and science in a way that provides a strong foundation for college-bound students, and that honors and glorifies God. Each of our teachers has a degree in their field and each has several years of teaching experience. Math classes typically meet twice per week, usually Monday and Thursday. Science classes are one day per week unless otherwise specified by the teacher. Science classes perform labs in class and most use the Apologia curriculum. Math classes use a Prentice Hall textbook (2004/2007 edition) except Precalculus, which uses a Larson text.

                          The 2021-2022 registration form (with class info) can be downloaded here:           

                                                     (Click on icon to save. Check your downloads folder for pdf.)




2021-2022 Schedule for Math and Science classes is shown below. 










​​Here is a little info about the teachers:

Cynthia Doss:

Cynthia has a both a B.S. and Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Auburn University. She has taught in both public and private high schools and also at the college level at Columbus University and Tuskegee University. She has tutored for over 20 years and began teaching home school math classes 6 years ago. Courses taught to homeschoolers include Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus. This year she is also teaching an AP Calculus class at Westminster Christian Academy.


Leigh Ann Bingham:

Leigh Ann Bingham earned her Bachelors Degree in Science Teaching - Biological Sciences and her Masters  in Educational Leadership from Clemson University. She taught science, special education and ESL courses for thirty years in Georgia and retired in May 2019. She has taught AP Biology,Biology,Human Anatomy& Physiology, Physical Science and Environmental Science. She also served as an AP Program Coordinator at East Hall High School in Gainesville Ga.

Jessica Wenrich:

Jessica has a BS in Chemistry with a minor in Education from University of Southern Mississippi. She also has an active teaching certificate for New Jersey and Florida and a substitute certificate for the state of Georgia. Jessica taught General Science, Chemistry, Honors Chem, and AP Chemistry in public schools from 1996 to 1999 and has been teaching home school chemistry since 2002.

Elizabeth Clement:

Elizabeth has a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Meredith College and a masters in Math Education from UNC-Charlotte. She is also certified in secondary math. She has experience teaching math in the public middle school, private high school, community college and public university. Elizabeth has taught a variety of ages from 5th grade up. 


If you have questions, below is the contact information for each teacher.

Cynthia Doss:
Leigh Ann Bingham:
Jessica Wenrich:

Elizabeth Clement:

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