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Math, Science, Fine Arts, and P.E.

For many years we have not offered math and science courses through Heritage. We've partnered with a local group of math and science teachers to offer courses as an option for our students.  Athens Area Math and Science and Decatur Area Science/Math came under our wing as  partners with Heritage Classical Study Center. Many of you are probably well aware of these programs as they have operated for several years. Unfortunately, AAM&S will not be operating as of the end of the school year (2023-2024). Decatur M/S is also not an option.


However, Jessica Wenrich (in Athens) will continue to teach, and her courses will be recognized as accredited through Heritage CSC.  

We also have a partnership with a teacher in the Decatur/Atlanta area.  Mrs. Noelle Bandy's math classes are available for both Heritage students and her own students coming from other places.  Please contact Mrs. Bandy to get details about the classes which will be offered next year.  

It is not necessary to take the core humanities courses at Heritage in order to take math and science classes with our partnering teachers, but Heritage students who take courses with them will not be required to jump through the Offsite Credit Transfer (OCT) hoops that they have had to jump through in the past. This means, among other things, no staying after classes on Tuesdays for OCT testing.  Of course, students who do not enroll with these teachers may still get those courses on their high school transcripts by following Heritage OCT and Georgia Accrediting policies about transferring in such courses.


Jessica Wenrich (Athens/Watkinsville) :

Jessica has a BS in Chemistry with a minor in Education from University of Southern Mississippi. She also has an active teaching certificate for New Jersey and Florida and a substitute certificate for the state of Georgia. Jessica taught General Science, Chemistry, Honors Chem, and AP Chemistry in public schools from 1996 to 1999 and has been teaching home school chemistry since 2002.




Noelle Bandy (Decatur / Remote) :

Mrs. Bandy has an MS in Mathematics and teaches with Derek Owens's courses.


                         Stay tuned for new developments!

Chemistry (Standard Grade-level AND Honors)

         Thursday mornings (2024-2025)

Classes Pending  (2024-2025)

Fine Arts, CTAE and PE/Fitness


Fine arts and PE credit (required in Georgia) may also be added to the Heritage transcript when the guidelines set forth by our accrediting agency are followed. Initial and final paperwork as well proof of participation are required. Proctored testing is NOT required for fine arts and fitness credit as it is for academic subjects.

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