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Discipline ​

Like education itself, a child’s discipline is the responsibility of his parents. Heritage Classical Study Center, however, will discipline, as needed, the students placed in its charge in loco parentis.

A student who is willfully disobedient or consistently disruptive to the class will be referred to the parents. Failure to improve may result in expulsion.

Dress Code


School dress will be khaki slacks or shorts (with belts) for boys, and khaki slacks, skirts, or shorts for girls. All students will wear approved white or blue shirts purchased from our uniform supplier with Heritage logos. In the winter, the student will need Heritage outerwear. (Non-Heritage hoodies/sweaters, etc. are not allowed.)  See uniforms page for more.



Shirts, outerwear and other approved items are available at Lands’ End Uniforms. Information will be sent over the summer.

Though parents may choose to purchase khaki pants or shorts there as well, it is not required that you purchase from our supplier. White or navy-blue Heritage outerwear should be worn in cold weather. Students may also wear navy blue pants (though NOT blue/denim jeans) with white Heritage shirts. Shoe color and style are left to the parents' discretion.

In all cases we wish for students to be modestly dressed.  Therefore, please remember when specifying shirt size for polo shirts to request a size that will not be too tight.  Also, it is preferred that no student wear distracting accessories/jewelry. This is, of course, a subjective matter, but an example might be girls wearing very large hoop earrings.

The dress code is not intended to suggest that a student with a tight shirt or oversized earrings is somehow unspiritual.   Rather, the intent is to minimize the many distractions that students already experience in their studies so that they may focus as much as possible on their academic work.

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