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Why give to Heritage?

Over the years, we have tried to keep costs down for Heritage students and their families. There is widespread agreement that we offer a superior education and we want the opportunity for all who want such an education to be widespread. Consequently, over the years, we have sometimes extended scholarships to students whose families found themselves in financial trouble. These have not been scholarships funded by concerned individuals (although concerned individuals have sometimes offered to fund scholarships), rather, they have come right off our bottom line. At other times we have allowed drawn out payment plans. Sometimes, those payments have been honorably met, but sometimes they have not. Furthermore, we sometimes have families who just do not pay us, despite the enrollment contract they entered into. While we seek to use all of our revenues wisely, situations like those noted can make it difficult for us to operate as they straighten our financial resources and sometimes force us into doing what we need to do for the program in a less than efficient way. For example, we may struggle along with obsolete computers for another year, or a printer that is substandard. It also means that we cannot pay our staff as well as we would like and as well as they deserve.

If you have benefited from a Heritage education, or if you simply believe in what we are doing, please consider making a donation to the cause. For reasons of simplicity, and to keep our costs down, we are not set up as a non-profit organization. Therefore we cannot offer you a tax deduction in exchange for your donation. Nevertheless, we know that many of you, knowing the circumstances and the value of a Heritage education, might well like to make a donation. As we are not set up to receive credit cards, the one way to do so is to send a check payable to Heritage Classical Study Center, 3844 Lower Tanners Bridge Road, Monroe, GA 30656.

Thank you for your consideration!

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